Monday, January 13, 2014

Pity party for one? I feel like that's what I'm doing but I'm also tired of feeling this way. Never getting attention means never knowing what you're missing. Once you get a taste of it, you long for it. I'm not even craving it in a romantic sense. I just want someone to acknowledge my existence. To ask how my day was and genuinely care if I respond or not. I want share my excitement for the meaningless things in life and not judge or brush off the things that keep me going. I question if I'm the way I am because there's a certain someone out there for me and it just not time yet or if I'm this way because my path doesn't include anyone at all. I've never cared if I was alone before but knowing what I'm missing...even in the barest form of companionship has me fearing for the worst and clinging onto anything I can find that keeps me occupied. I'm just so tired of being alone.

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Chethan said...

I was just searching on google that reality continues to ruin my life and found ur blog, I never post comment to any blog but I am doing this because I was in the place where u r at present. If reality can ruin then deeper reality must have the ability to heal or atleast this is what humans want to believe as a matter of speculated hope. whatever u seem to emotionally sincere but this world is filled with people who lack conscience. Lastly, expecting the world to treat u nicely is like expecting the lion not to kill u because u r a vegetarian.