Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lots of this, that, and the other

I've been meaning to blog more but with Jason leaving me alone at work and moving into my own place where I don't have internet, it's been difficult to find time but here we are, on a slow work day, and Kelsey and Sarah have inspired me to update with their recent surge of blogging.

This is going to be a jumbled up mess since lots of big deal things have happened here recently. We'll start with my birthday and go from there I guess.

Last blog I mentioned getting approved for a home loan, we'll get that in a second but first the craziest thing I did over the summer. I GOT A TATTOO! I almost can't believe it either. As I was taking mountainous leaps to becoming an adult and not knowing what any of the future held for me, I sucked up all the fear and anxiety I was feeling and gave all the stress a big old FU in the form of a tiny blue star on my left wrist. Britney went with me the day after my birthday and I was SOOO scared. People continue to ask what it means. At the beginning, it was only a symbol of me facing my fears and doing something for me. Not the star itself but the fact that I did it. I looked up what the typical meaning of it would mean to other people and it falls in line with their thinking too. Usually meaning a new beginning. While I didn't start my life over, I feel its a symbol of me taking control of my life the way I have over the past year and a half.

Shortly there after, I bought my very first home. It's an amazingly beautiful 2 bedroom townhouse on the outskirts of Smyrna, half way between Murfreesboro and Nashville and only 2.6 miles from the interstate. It's peaceful and decorated like me. No art has no meaning, be it a hockey card, newspaper, or photo, it's all mine. I have no problem saying I only spent 70k on it either... break that down and my mortgage is less than my old roommates 1 bedroom apartment. (though, it did just recently appraise for 90k) I feel like I'm doing what I should be in life. I'm not overly frugal with my money but I'm also very good about making sure that bills come first and don't buy or commit to things I can't or shouldn't.

Last week I got a cat named Sissy, I believe her full name is now Cheli Sissy True as in "Chelios is a Sissy". It fits, I think. She is an extremely lovable and fat tabby cat. I'm still in the early stages of getting to know her but I think it will work out with her. Her previous owner couldn't keep her moving into his new home so I adopted her.

Other things have happened, mostly work related but I've run out of time for right now, hopefully I can keep this going, especially since hockey season is here!

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